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Internet marketing can be a maze. Unless you know how to create a site with a professional image and utilize the web to its full potential to drive customers to your site, it can be overwhelming! A successful marketing campaign over the web requires a wealth of knowledge not known by the staff of most small to mid-sized businesses. And to consider the cost of hiring an Internet consultant to build and update a site by itself can be cost-prohibitive for most companies under limited budgets.

Kolar Marketing, LLC is dedicated to assistance in providing cost-effective solutions to assist small to medium size businesses in achieving success with their internet presence. Our company has an employee resource base with extensive experience in business, marketing and e-commerce. We have developed and implemented marketing ventures for a number of diversified companies, including identifying and formulating the keys of establishing, managing, and operating an effective and lucrative online, industry specific, e-commerce presence. Our technical and graphic expertise, marketing skills, and business success are the perfect blend needed to make your online business profitable. Kolar Marketing offers web marketing consulting and site promotion tools that help drive traffic to its' customers websites.

As a reseller for iVenue, we offer you the option to maintain and administer your website in-house. Our package provides user friendly, easy-to-use online software that requires no necessary html or other coding knowledge, allowing you, the site owner, the ability to make modifications to your site and have total control over its content and operation. This insures that the site is up-to-date at all times, without you, the owner, waiting for or paying for our maintenance and administrative services. After we complete building your site and provide you with the necessary training, you will be able to build additional pages as well as add/modify text, images and all components on your site. And with our iVenue package, you receive free, unlimited, toll-free technical support. Should you need help, you will have all the assistance you need.

With our iVenue package, your Web site come as a complete turnkey package including the following:

  • Professionally Designed Web site of 5 page(s) or more
  • 30 E-mail Accounts (up to 1 gig total space allowance)
  • 500 Megs of Online Web Space
  • Online Software for all changes allowing customization of Web site by editing images, text, forms, tables, maps, weather forecast and all elements on all pages
  • Multiple Domain Pointing
  • Flash Introduction (utilizing either royalty-free music or your own music)
  • Online Contact Manager, providing Web site owners with an effective way to organize and manage contact information, send out e-mail newsletters announcing new products or new promotion announcements. Also included are the Appointments Scheduler, To Do List and Events Calendar
  • Online Web site Statistics Analyzer which details hits/per page, source of hits (search engine as well as key words used) and additional statistics
  • A Wide Variety of Tools for managing your business and site
  • Toll-Free Unlimited Technical Support and Customer Service (9am-9pm CST - M-F; 10am-7pm - Sat)
  • Online Commerce product catalog with an online shopping cart, automatically adds items and calculates the total sale for the customer
  • Royalty free images
  • One-click Site Language Translation for up to 13 languages (max 6 at one time)
  • Online software for Search Engine Site Submission
  • Web site and Internet Marketing Training (videotaped if training onsite)

Our commitment to excellence continues with our quest to provide you an innovative website solution that positively impacts your business, while providing you the ease and benefit of self-control and management of your site. We approach each client with a clean slate, to listen and provide you the site that you feel will most effectively create the web presence for your business. We learn about your business, continually looking for ways to positively impact your bottom line. While industry knowledge helps us to understand what you do, this knowledge is invaluable to help us provide you the optimum solution for your web presence and marketing strategy.

We strive to build a working partnership that effectively utilizes your experience and insight of your business with our own knowledge in website design, optimization and marketing. We service markets all over the United States, with a majority of our clients right here in Austin and Round Rock. Our solution is one that fits perfectly with the business plan for any type of business, regardless of the size. With the ability to demonstrate our package before our client signs up for our service, you are shown in detail, upfront, just how our solution will allow you the in-house ability to control and manage your site. Kolar Marketing, LLC  will provide you with the latest advances in the web-based marketing technology and give you a competitive edge in today's marketplace. Now in their 13th year, our track record is strong. We look forward to working with you, to assist you with a marketing strategy through one of the most important mediums available, the internet.

Contact us today and start making your marketing dollars count! Let us provide you a free demonstration, either in your home or office, or over the phone to let you see for yourself, the power and flexibility we offer you with our package.