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We offer you a state-of-the-art Web site package and if you have more advanced needs, Kolar Marketing, LLC can produce! The possibilities include flash, java script and advanced effects seen throughout the web.

We have developed this page as a brainstorming area, to display innovative concepts for our clients' Web sites as well as our own. Feel free to check back often, as more projects are being developed and will be added soon.

Below, you will see our newest addition to our product offering: photo slideshow and display options, some basic and simple and others more complex and 3-dimensional. We are offering these products for our clients at very special pricing. Look them over and see what effects might be of interest to you and give us a call! We will create and add these effects to your site. Check them out! 

Let us know what you have in mind. The possibilities are unlimited!

Snake Grid

Rising Balloon

Accordian Vertical

NEW! Photo Slideshow Effects

3D Curved Wall
A 3d photo gallery display allowing viewers to scroll through a group of photos and click on a thumbnail for an enlargement of that photo. Complete the effect with an audio (sound file) and photo links to a popup enlargement or webpage.

Display your photos with a unique hanging effect, with the option to link from each image to an enlargement or webpage.

Text Slideshow
Very simple but effective slideshow, with text appearing to side of image. Click on image for enlargement or link to webpage.



Falling Stripes

Falling Stripes 2



Accordian Rainbow

Accordian Vertical Rainbow

Water Apparition Narrow

Hanging 3d

Item Slideshow

Move Slideshow

Multi Flip

Moving Grid

Hanging Slim


Menu Grid

Simple Slideshow

Cover Flow

Elastic Matrix


Fading Grid

Water Apparition

Square Slideshow

Rolling Images


Sliding Images

3d Wall



Paper Wall

Square Shot




Sliding Sticker