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We offer you a state-of-the-art Web site package and if you have more advanced needs, Kolar Marketing, LLC can produce! The possibilities include flash, java script and advanced effects seen throughout the web.

We have developed this page as a brainstorming area, to display innovative concepts for our clients' Web sites as well as our own. Feel free to check back often, as more projects are being developed and will be added soon.

Below, you will see a variety of menus (navigation buttons), header special effects and photo slideshow effects. We are offering these products for our clients at very special pricing. Look them over and see what effects might be of interest to you and give us a call! We will create and add these effects to your site. Check them out! 

Let us know what you have in mind. The possibilities are unlimited!

Photo Galleries Effects & Samples
1. Flash Mirror Gallery
Display your images in a compact way with a scroller to allow for categories. A simple click of a thumbnail brings up an enlarged image that overlays the website in the background. An arrow icon allows the viewer to view the photo gallery. This effect goes from a thumbnail image to a full screen image in a click of the mouse. View the mirror effect below each image, providing a professional display for your images. This beautiful flash photo gallery creates images that perfectly fit for viewing. One feature of this gallery is the inclusion of a full screen mode, which allows you the ability to view photo full-sized. And the popular effect of the reflection of pictures will fill your gallery with elegance and a 3D effect.

2. Blaze Image Gallery
This photo gallery display offers a slick thumbnail arrangement (to the left, top, bottom or right) of the main image. After click, the larger main images fades into view. A text label is available under each photo. Click the main image for a popup, even larger image. Elegant flash photo viewer with a modern and stylish design to make your website more attractive.

3. Flash Image Gallery
This photo gallery offers a scrolling thumbnail arrangement (to the left, top, bottom or right) of the main image. After click, the larger main images fades into view. Each image can have a label below. Click the main image for text that displays relevant to that image. We can add a unique description to each slide which you can see by a mouse click on the selected slide.

4. Classic Photo Gallery
Your thumbs appear as a grid on the page. When a thumb is clicked, the larger image appears with the ability to scroll all images. Text labels are available for each thumb and main image. Click the main image to return to the thumbs display and the text label for a popup, enlarged image.

5. Flash Image Viewer
This scrolling image gallery displays each image with a slick opening effect. Click the main image for a popup larger image. This flash image viewer has a nice slide animation effect, perfect for the small photo galleries. We can even create a photo frame with rounded corners.

6. Flash Image Catalogue
The Flash Image Catalogue is a two-level catalogue with a high-tech style. When you mouse over the tabs, they open, revealing the thumbnail and a short description. Thumbnails "hide" behind a colored bar. When clicked, a larger image appears with text description. Mouseover the colored bar to redisplay the thumbs.

7. Flash Image Scroller
The intial photo display appears in a scrolling row of thumbs. When clicked, a larger popup image appears with a semi-transparent overlay on the main website. Each image can have text labels below each thumb and additional text below each main image. You receive a beautiful appearance, thumb mirror effect and a variety of on-click actions thru the 60 parameters giving you control over the final appearance. Create from this extension different galleries with your memorable photos for your blog, create a catalogue of goods with the description for your company or just use this as a splendid image scroller for your site. Make your site come alive with one of the most powerful Flash Image Scrollers on the market. Just have a look!

8. Flash Media Gallery
With this effect, we setup the display of your photos as well as video files in a beautiful, consise and practical design. A thumbnail scroll bar lets the viewer quickly choose the necessary movie clip or photo from the playlist. The default settings can start the slideshow as soon as the page is opened. Video files are also handled with the viewer selecting the thumbnail selecting the video, which appears in the larger window.

9. Flash Fusion Gallery
This image display creates an initial accordian effect of images. When clicked, the larger image appears over the initial display. Click the back button to return to the opening accordian view. You will find that this beautiful flash photo gallery is a great option to display photos for any site. The feature of this gallery is an original display of image categories which have their own caption including the ability to add hyperlinks with each picture.

10. Advanced Image Gallery
Large image display with thumbs to the side. Category tabs appear above, guiding the viewer to various image categories. Slideshow button allows the automatic loading and display. On mouseover of the larger image, option text overlays bottom of image and the thumbs disappear until mouseover removed. We can add a hyperlink to each image. Thumbs panel can be situated at any side of the frame plus an additional function of autohide as well as a nice drop out thumbs caption.

Image Effects Samples
11. Flash Banner
Now you can have a professional looking flash banner ad or intro to your site! Display your images with scrolling text that highlights the key points you want to convey plus, link your images as needed. A high quality and effective banner is a key element in online advertising campaigns to grab attention and be noticed. An animated banner will attract more eyeballs and clicks over a still, static image.

12. Flash Slideshow
Transform your website with this image scroller banner. With Flash Slideshow, you can display a folder full of still images into a stunning Flash slide show presentation with background music and special transition effects as well as display an image scroller banner.

13. Flash Accordion
An amazing, elegant effect where your images initially appear in an accordian effect. On mouseover, that image expands full width of the flash. We can create a photo gallery, banner, news scroller, one-level menu or just a beautiful flash element for your site. The extension creates a modern and stylish accordion effect resulting in a professional and accurate look. You can use this nice sliding/fading effect to create a menu, a gallery or add text and change the background transparency and the colors of the gradient, resulting in content that is easier to read, displaying only one part of the text while hiding the other paragraphs. For users, this will make finding information easier while making the whole webpage look more organized and stylish.

Advanced Menus
14. Flash Horizontal Menu
A menu that expands to submenus with impressive visual effects and eye-catching animation. We can place other image above the banner, i.e. a logo of your company.

15. Sun Header with Menu
A very slick and smooth menu, it allows your menu mouseovers to expland to submenus. Above the slides you can put another image, i.e. logo of your company as well as add animated titles. An impressive Flash menu bar is situated under the header, dropping over the slides. Add sound on mouseover and you have an excellent menu choice!

16. Rainbow Header with Menu
Just a magnificent header and menu for your web site. This extension includes multilevel menu and banners, combined with a nice slideshow.

17. Flash Vertical Menu
A vertical menu that expands down when buttons are clicked. A great way to offer submenus and links to your interior pages. On samples, click on a left button and see the menu expand below showing the submenus..

18. Advanced Vertical Menu
Vertical menu with significant components to enhance links to your pages. Includes the ability to load small thumbnails in the menu button, pointing viewers to your pages. This menu offers the ability to drill down to the right page through the use of a number of levels.An impressive and eye-catching menu with a simple non-trivial structure, one of the most powerful vertical menu extensions on the market.

19. Snowfall Header with Menu
A very slick and smooth menu with advanced transparency effects. Change the appearance of your website to celebrate the occasion of Christmas and New Year with a festive theme and even snowfall. Make a festive mood at your visitors.

Great Additional Effects
20. Flash Yahoo Maps
A great tool to insert Yahoo! Maps into your site with flexibility and power to adjust a map for any task. We can create a simple Flash map with one object contact information or use the extension for the convenience of searching and displaying information of many objects such as the real estate, hotels, restaurants, etc. You are able to specify the location of an object on the map in two ways, through the physical address or through latitude and longitude, using any image as the marker point.

21. Flash Presentation
How about a Flash presentation, intro, poster or flash banner for your web site? How about a mini Flash presentation of goods and services, promotional posters and advertising banners? This component contains eight transition effects (Blinds, Fly, Iris, PixelDissolve, Rotate, Squeeze, Wipe and Zoom).

22. Flash News Line
How would you like an effective and professional display of rotating news and events on your website? The Flash News Line is just what is needed! We can insert the component into any or every page, including news, events, announcements, press releases, and other content to your pages. Add small thumbnails or icons to your news and add links to every news headings as well as adjust scroll speed, change colors, fonts, sizes and much more!

23. Flash News Scroller
Let us create scroll bars of news or any other information for your site. We can easily update the information as needed as well as control the the scroll speed, colors, fonts, size of the flash object and much more!

24. Flash Info Board
Flash Info Board is a very efficient and powerful scroller to a simple gallery. There are many advanced features, placing this product above other news and text scrollers. The main feature of the Flash Info Board is the ability to hyperlink any text or image and changes all variables, including spacing, colors, fonts and much more!

25. Flash Video (FLV) Player
The Flash Video Player will make your site more attractive and elegant. This beautiful and functional extension is full of features, including the ability to place thumbnails into a playlist which is represented by a smooth horizontal scroll bar, with a beautiful mirror effect.