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Q: Why should I have Kolar Marketing design and build our website?

A: With our trained and knowledgable staff, Kolar Marketing has the experience and expertise to guide you in the effective implementation of a professional site and image for your business. We work with you on the layout and design you are striving to achieve and we then build the site to your specifications.

With our iVenue package, after we completely build your site, we will train you, through our state-of-the-art software, to have the control and ability to manage and modify your site in-house, with you having no knowledge of html or programming code. You will be able to easily build pages, add text, images and so much more. Plus, you are given tools to manage the site, including tools to optimize search engines, send out email mailings, etc. A total package that handles your needs now and far into the future. And should you need help, we are there to assist you through unlimited technical support and assistance.

Plus, with other web development firms charging in excess of $5,000 to $15,000 to set up a Web site with comparable tools and features as ours, you will find our total package is very affordable. You may find a "cheaper" Web site but none that offer the value and benefits we offer.

Q: Do you offer technical support?

A: Yes. With our iVenue package, you receive UNLIMITED toll free technical and customer support. Our Customer Care department is available Monday through Friday 9 AM to 9 PM CST and 10 AM to 7 PM on Saturday. The toll free number is (877) 435-7891.

What types of email accounts do you offer?

A: You receive 10 "real" email accounts in addition to 20 "alias" email accounts, all associated with your domain. The alias email accounts forward to any existing email address you designate. This allows you to access your business email when you receive your personal email. You will then display on your site, your business email addresses as you designate, i.e.
  » info@yourbusiness.com

  » employment@yourbusiness.com
  » customerservice@yourbusiness.com, etc.

For example, if you have salesmen on the road, we can set up a company email address for each employee, which forwards to the email account that the employee would monitor and access.

It is all too common to see employees, even officers of companies, using email addresses associated with their isp, i.e.
  » jimbrown@aol.com
  » abcbusiness@yahoo.com, etc.

Do not use an email account that promotes your internet service provider (sbc, yahoo, aol, etc)! We will assist and advise you by helping you set up your business domain email addresses, which will promote your business and your website address, i.e.
   » myname@mybusiness.com

Q: Will there be banner ads or pop-ups on my Web site?

A: Absolutely not. Unlike other hosting companies, we do not sell advertising space that would cause pop-ups and banner ads to appear on your Web site. Only you control what appears on your site, giving your company the most professional presentation possible.

Q: Is 500 MB enough storage space for my Web site?

A: Yes. On average, Web sites use between 10 and 20 MB of space. 500 MB (megabytes) is enough space to store an e-commerce Web site with thousands of products, pdf files, hundreds of images and pages upon pages of text.

What type of computer and operating system must I have to maintain my site with your software?

A: The iVenue software is compatible with both PCs and Macs. It is very important that you have and use the most updated browser available, with free upgrades available from the suppliers. For PCs, we support Microsoft Windows 7 and XP.

For maximum productivity with the iVenue option, we recommend a high-speed connection, however the site can be maintained with a dial-up connection with a slower page refresh rate.

What type of security do you offer for your customers' sites?

A: With our iVenue option, your Web site is hosted on high-performance, ultra-secure server facilities on tiered Dell PowerEdge servers powered by Intel Xeon processing technology. In addition, they are co-located in El Segundo, California at special, secure facilities designed to protect them from fire, flood, earthquakes, power outages, and any other types of disasters. In the unlikelihood that a server does go down, there are backup servers in other locations to keep your Web presence up 24/7.

To keep hackers or unauthorized users from compromising the integrity of your Web site, we shield our network with a dual-layer firewall security system utilizing Cisco PIX Firewalls, all state-of-the-art technology.