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Heather Tolsma, Marketing Coordinator
Don Quick & Associates, Inc.
Round Rock, Texas

I am extremely pleased with the service provided by Mark Kolar at Accelerated Marketing Int’l.  I had worked with several website design companies in the past which were all very unprofessional and couldn’t seem to deliver what we were looking for.

Mark, on the other hand, was very professional as well as informative and helpful and was able to deliver 100% of what we asked for. He kept a very open line of communication with me which in turn made the process of the website design virtually stress free. He listened very closely to my ideas and was able to implement all of them into the design and functionality of our site.

Upon the completion of the website, Mark offered thorough training on how to edit the site in the comfort and privacy of my own office.  I was pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of editing our website.  We have many changes on a near daily basis, and with Mark’s elaborate and very detailed training, I am able to make any changes or updates with ease and confidence.

I would highly recommend Mark Kolar and Accelerated Marketing Int’l to any one interested in receiving outstanding professional service, as well as a very aesthetically pleasing and functional website.
Don Beard, V.P.
Alamo Welding Supply Co., Inc.,
Austin, Texas

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Thank you for helping me with our email problem today. Instead of sending me to someone else, you tackled the problem and had it corrected in a very short time.

We have been approached by numerous companies interested in setting up a website for our company. Up until I spoke with Accelerated Marketing, I really wasn't interested in spending the time to research or set up a site. They took the time to come over to our company and showed us examples of some sites he had set up and even had some samples of our own site. He asked me what I liked and disliked about his samples and what we wanted to be included on our site.

Once our site was set up, he came by to show me how to maintain and update the site whenever we wanted or needed to. He encouraged me to call any time with questions or concerns. We can put as much or as little into the site as we want and we have plenty of room to grow.

We have received numerous contacts through our website from emails and phone calls. We have heard from companies and individuals from all over the United States and abroad, and have been told that we get significant hits from SBC YellowPages.com.

I know that the site has increased our sales and I would recommend Accelerated Marketing to anyone that was interested in increasing their companies exposure through the internet.
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Joe Broz, IT Manager
Texas Department of Banking
Austin, Texas


I'm very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Mark Kolar, with whom I worked with at the Texas Department of Banking for over six months. During that period of time, I was the manager of the IT Department and Mark was hired to redesign and development the Department's web site.

Mark did an excellent job at the redesign. His high-quality graphic design along with his creativity created a website our Department is proud of. Mark was very thorough and responsive to the development requests he received. He worked well with all personnel and his attention to detail was instrumental in the project's success.

Mark will be missed at the Department. His hard work will represent our Department for a long time. I would hire Mark again without hesitation if given an opportunity.
Kenneth W. O’Meara, Managing Partner
Ranch Investments
Austin, Texas
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Mark Kolar and Accelerated Marketing International deliver! When Mark presented his web site development proposal to us, we were struck by how affordable it was – inclusive of design, training and support. After viewing countless samples of his work from the list of web sites he provided, we were struck by how unique each web site was. The question was: Could he provide that same unique touch for our company? Based on our input, he offered many revisions, improving and enhancing the special quality and features we were seeking until we reached a final version to go “live.”

Throughout the process, Mark worked tirelessly to finalize every detail and patiently explained or clarified anything in question. His professional assurance was always that we would be happy with the final result. That was an understatement. We are now very proud to invite customers to visit our web site and are delighted when they tell us how attractive and easy to navigate it is. Our investment with AMI has been truly valuable to our business!
Clawson & Associates, Inc.
Bill Clawson, President
Clawson & Associates, Inc.
Austin, Texas


We would be pleased for you to use us as a reference for your company. We have had very positive feedback on our website and it seems to be accomplishing what we envisioned.

Your input and professionalism were immeasurable.
Thanks Again.
Tim Jamail, Owner
Ultra Investments, Inc.
Austin, Texas
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I just wanted to write and thank you for all your assistance in getting Ultra's web site up and running. After working with you over the past three weeks, I am now confident that I made the right choice by selecting your company to help design and host our site.

I am extremely pleased with the versatile, easy to use software you furnished us to administer changes to our web site as needed. With the video tape of our training session, combined with the full time technical support, I feel that even someone as lacking in computer skills as myself can administer our site in the future.

Lastly and most importantly, I wanted to thank you for your constant courtesy, professionalism and patience throughout the entire process. As anyone whose been in business for any period of time can tell you, in the final analysis, it is the people you deal with who ultimately make the difference. It is refreshing to do business with someone who provides all the services promised and then some.

In conclusion, I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone contemplating a web site of their own. I am very pleased with the final product and think it represents an excellent value for the money. Thanks again.
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John L. Gilbert, Sr., V.P.
Bomasada Group, Inc.
Houston, Texas


Please allow this letter to serve as my letter of recommendation for Mark Kolar and Accelerated Marketing International. Bomasada Group engaged Mark to design and implement our corporate web site and we could not be any happier with the results. Once given the assignment, Mark let us know what information he required to build our site. The company delivered a superb, easily functional product in a very short amount of time and got our web site up and running. Since coming online, we have received compliments from our clients and vendors on the web site, not only on its presentation, but on how easy it is to use.

Not only did Mark do a fabulous job in building the web site, his support and training after the fact was second to none. He came to Houston to thoroughly train our staff on how to make changes to the site. In addition, Mark is always available by phone should we need any questions answered.

Without hesitation, I highly recommend Mark and Accelerated Marketing International.

Mary Thomas, Owner
Greensboro, North Carolina
Austin, Texas


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We put off a business web site for years, even though our business cards and trucks promoted our web address. Customers and prospects would mention our web site and we would always say it was being built. After considering building it ourselves and speaking to web companies, we spoke to Mark at Accelerated Marketing. When we saw the package demonstrated, we felt so confident that this was why we had waited, as we would be able to manage our own web site. Mark set up the web site in two areas; a support side for past customers and a sales side for prospects. In minutes, we now post photos on our web site photo gallery, showing the homes where we have installed our lighting. It is truly amazing.

We love our web site and are learning and using more and more of the tools that are included. Mark and Accelerated Marketing have been more than helpful, even after our site was finished. For anyone looking to put up a web site, we highly recommend the company.
Melissa Helweg, Former Owner
K&K Bridal Rail
Moulton, Texas

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Many thanks to Mark Kolar who ignored my excuses to wait to put up a web site. As the owner of a bridal shop in a small Texas town, I was unfamiliar with web sites and how to even begin developing one. Mark took care of all the details and pitfalls that beginners like me face, and gave me excellent and prompt guidance each step of the way. My new web site has opened doors to brides and possibilities that I never knew existed, and has increased sales to prove its success.

Mark understands the power and possibilities of the Internet and constantly comes up with fresh suggestions. Most importantly, his continuing support is extremely helpful as I continue to add new features to the site. I thank Mark Kolar for introducing me to internet advertising and his services, as well as his patience with me. And the best news of all is that, thanks to Mark’s efforts and the great software, I am getting orders from all over the nation. I highly recommend his services.
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Trojan Tidwell, President
Gold Star Cabinets, Inc.
Austin, Texas


We are excited to have our new web site, designed by Mark Kolar and Accelerated Marketing, on line. A minimum amount of our time was required. The software is great. One can make changes, add pages, etc. at any time. It is a pleasant experience to do business with professional and qualified people. This is the most cost effective investment we have made in a long time. If you need cabinets or marble, contact us. If you need a web site designed, contact Mark Kolar with Accelerated Marketing International.
Tom Darilek, Owner
Seize the Day Massage
Austin, Texas
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I have been very happy with the product and service of Accelerated Marketing and Mark Kolar. With their help, we now have a really awesome web site with user-friendly services I did not get with other web developers: the self-serve ability to edit, add and delete text, images, pages & email aliases any time I want; instant web publishing of any changes I make; accessible, easy to use, all-in-one interface to promote our website to the most prominent search engines! I can do all of these things now to my liking without having to explain what I want to somebody else over and over and over again. And if I still need help while "learning to fish," Mark is always just a phone call away to patiently explain everything!